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Sorted.  The next guy up the chain turns up in ancient Morris Minor.

Not sure on the flags though.   Turns out my new nemesis was a man of action.  He stood there in a Panama hat and a wrinckled suit and told me to jump in, we would ‘sort’ the problem.  I wasn’t sure that was a good think or not :).    We arrive at the field and Eric is looking smug while asleep leaning on a main wheel.

It turns out that the issue with the lack of a registration number has mysteriourly resolved it’s self.

The next problem is that while the registration is resolved,  “There is much paperwork that needs fixing Sir”.  I immediatly reach for the wallet, but it turns our our Mr Bossman is a DC-3 fan.  His father used to fly DC-3’s for a local airline.    An hour in the air and all is sorted.   We leave on the next leg at 1st light.  I also made the promise to land at a strip next lake Malawi.  This is where his father lives.

After all that I’m happy.  But I know as I get further along the route I’ll need to make the registration look less Heath Robinson.   A quick phone call to the Uk and things are being sorted.

Problems with local law enforcment

An Offical in Tundara, with lots of shouting, that our nice shiny Dc-3 (read: bare aliminum) should have the correct markings upon it.   While technically he’s correct before I could assure him that we would fix the problem and that he should accept our payment of a ‘spot fine’  he got louder and louder until a local policeman that was asleep in his car woke up.

Things went from bad to worse and I ended up in the local police station explaining why my aircraft was unmarked to a large chap with a problem with the heat.  I’m now stuck here waiting for the next guy up the food chain to turn up.

Kinda annoying really.  I could see eric the engineer,I wonder what his real name is, was wondering around the DC-3 with a can of black emulsion and a thoughtful look.   I guessed that the problem was about to go away when the policeman woke up,  and I wasn’t quick enough with the smokes and ‘spot fine’ payments.

Meh.   Once I get this sorted we off.   It’s a nice place and the people are nice,  but officaldom is officialdom the world over.