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Yet more problems

While everyone’s FS install has strange quirks mine seems stable at the moment.   Apart from having to run SB outside of FS.  But I understand that’s advised.

Weird things happen to everyone’s FS installs.   I recently installed scenery for Welshpool EGCW and I’ve lost Gloucestershire EGBJ.  The flatten is still there and the runway signs are there, but everything is covered by a layer of grass, and the tower has gone.  Maybe during the flight from EGCW to EGBJ (32 mins) there was a disaster.  Maybe a tidal wave.

Now while most problems can be overcome there are a few that cannot.  I’ve got one of those on the JF DC-3.   It will not take off without FSX crashing.  It’ll fly fine, but not take off.  This causes a problem for me.   I’m not gonna cheat and take off in another aircraft.  Well, maybe once,  but not constantly.

It’s not just my FSX either.  I’ve heard similar problems.  So I’m stuck at Tabora, Tanzania with an aircraft that I cannot fly.  It’s a bugger.    I did fly around Kilimanjaro with a friend in the Carenado Piper Saratoga.  The add on scenery we found from Flightsim makes the area very good. 38m resolution.

Tabora is within about 1 hour of Kilimanjaro and I view this mountain as my second big step.  the Rift valley lakes (Malawi) in particular being the most interesting for me.

So,  I’m stumped.  Suggestions on a postcard to

The Crazy bloke with a un-flyable DC-3




Myself, Norm, the co-pilot and Eric the engineer turned up at the ‘runway’ (flat mud in my opinion).  Eric’s first words before we got within 40feet of the bird were “We are not flying out today”.  I pressed him for a reason.  He started speaking a foreign language.  Something about crankcases and broken blocks.   Of course I hold him directly responsible.  My parting words as I left for the hotel were “Fix it, or leave”.  Yes, I know my man management skills are stunning huh? 🙂  I shall return later on to enthuse him with more words of wisdom.  Norm and the Co-pilot stayed to help Eric by pointing at things and asking “it is supposed to be like that”

Quite frankly I’m angry.  The aircraft should be ready to go at the drop of a hat.  And I don’t want to hear any more justifications that it’s a 50 year old aircraft.  You cannot tell me they were designed this poorly.   And if anyone suggests that it’s my ‘mis-handling’ that’s caused it, I will scream!


Just Flight DC-3

Comment on my  fix to JF dc-3 and repaint..  And how good I am!!

I’ve changed to the Just flight DC-3.  Finally.  I have previously touched upon I had issues with the VOR needle (Now fixed to my embarresment) and the Autopilot attitude hold.

Well, I’m happy to report that I’ve fixed the Autopilot.  I added ‘default_pitch_mode=0′ to the aircraft.cfg.  This disables the pitch hold totally.  So I only have heading hold.  This is more then acceptable as flying by the numbers the DC-3 is very easy to settle into a speed and pitch at any height you wish.

The JF DC-3 is a nice bird, the VC is a little clean for what is a 75 year old aircraft, but guess it’s just had a refurb.  The flight model and sound is much better then the standard DC-3 as well.

And to top it off, I’m modifying a DC-3 paintjob (Cambrian) with my own modifications.  More on that later.


We’ve landed in Malawi, and we are going to stay a few days sightseeing.  There are a plethoria of Birds, animals, and of course the stunning lake Malawi it’s self.  It’s very hard water and clean as your bath water (before you’ve washed in it) The fish are stunning.  I’ll post some pictures some time.   Eric has disapeared after taking $200 from the repairs kitty.  He mentioned some work that the aircraft needed.  I asked for reciepts, but he just laughed.

I also had him disconnect the autopilot’s pitch hold as I wasn’t able to change the pitch.  It just held the current pitch and wasn’t adjustable.  I was surprised how quickly Eric disconnected it.  And with a phillips screwdriver and a large pair of cutters.   The ‘fix’ seems to have worked when testing in on the ground.

Leg 6

Tundara – Mzuzu in Malawi.

Flight time 1:27 Fuel used : 834lbs.

This is a place I’m personally interested in.  One of those places I’d like to see one day.  And it doesn’t have to be by aircraft.  The flight was painless and short.  Passing over Lake Malawi gave some great views.

The landing was interesting as I seemed to be coming in faster then normal even though I passed the threshhold at 80kts.  I didn’t take the 4114feet MSL elevation into account.  All the previous flights were ar or near sea level.

Eric was heard to comment that the landing was very good, but he was worried about me possibly damaging the flaps when I dropped the first stage at 140kts, instead of their normal 131 max.  Meh no matter I have great trust in his abilities.

Lake Malawi


Lake Malawi

Crossing Lake Malawi in to the country of Malawi from Tanzania


Lake Malawi (also known as Lake Nyasa in most countries, or Lake Nyassa, Lake Niassa, or Lago Niassa in Mozambique), is an African Great Lake and the southernmost lake in the Great Rift Valley system of East Africa. This lake, the third largest in Africa and the eighth largest lake in the world, is located between Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania. It is the second deepest lake in Africa, although its placid northern shore gives no hint of its depth. This great lake’s tropical waters are reportedly the habitat of more species of fish than those of any other body of water on Earth.

Lake Malawi or Lake Nyaza is between 560 and 580 kilometres long, and about 75 kilometres wide at its widest point. The total surface area of this lake is about 29,600 square kilometres (11,429 square miles).[1] This lake has shorelines on western Mozambique, eastern Malawi, and southern Tanzania. The largest river flowing into this lake is the Ruhuhu River. This large freshwater lake has an outlet, which is the Shire River, a tributary that flows into the very large Zambezi River.[2]

Lake Malawi lies in the Great Rift Valley that was formed by the opening of the East African Rift, where the African tectonic plate is being split into two pieces. This is called a divergent plate tectonics boundary. Lake Malawi or Nyaza itself is variously estimated at about 40,000 years old.[1] or about one to two million years.[5]



Satellite View of Lake Malawi

Adult Male Livingstone Cichlid

One of the many Cichlids that like in Lake Malawi

Fish from Lake Malawi are tropical freshwater fish.  They are unusual in that they like water close to the ‘hardness’ of sea water.   This is the opposite of American freshwater fish that prefer softwater.  They are often very colorful, and can be aggressive.  They can be kept in fishtanks if the water requirements are met, and enough space is supplied.  Even though the picture above show’s plant life many of the Cichlids prefer Rocks and other non-organic places to hide and live.  (Ref: Simon)

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