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Current Location

As of now I’m in a Town called Tunduru.  The airfield seems to be surrounded by the town.  A very green and verdant place it is.  But bleeding hot.

I’ve not really mentioned the heat.  We are around 650mn South of the Equator and it’s 28degrees as I write this.  Even at 8500 feet it’s around 20 degrees.   Thankfully the wind chill effect is cooling us and the engines.  The Engines are a worry,  the heat up so quickly even with the cowl’s fully open.

Taking off is a case of getting the locals (very helpful for a few smokes) to push/pull the Aircraft to the the end of the runway and complete as many checks as poss with the engines off.   Then a mad rush to get them started and the other checks done and go as soon as possible.

While they don’t get too hot, I don’t want to stress them by sitting there idle.  Better to get going and let the airflow cool them.

Landing is a similar affair.  The engineer watches the temps like a hawk and orders a shutdown if we get too hot while taxing.

Current legs flown and location

Not always up to date. Every 3-4 legs I guess


Now,  While I’m in Tundara I havn’t posted the flying report.  That’s mainly to do with a problem we had 20 mins out from Mtwara.   I glanced at the fuel gauge and had a ‘moment’ .  Returning to Mtwara and filling the tanks fixed that problem.  More later on what happened, and what I did to the old Navigator.  And it’s not my fault,  I’m too busy flying to do paperwork.  That’s why the gauge is infront of the co-pilot.

Navigator has been replaced by new Nav who I christened Norm(I cannot be bothered to remember these peoples names).  Eric the Engineer is still sleeping, but he was seen moving around the aircraft in the dark.  When we got to the aircraft after a fine breakfast of kippers and black coffee for the co-pilot (yuch) there was a smell of new oil.   I guess he’s servicing the aircraft in the dark.  He’s not very tidy though.  There were spots of oil on the ground.