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Yet more problems

While everyone’s FS install has strange quirks mine seems stable at the moment.   Apart from having to run SB outside of FS.  But I understand that’s advised.

Weird things happen to everyone’s FS installs.   I recently installed scenery for Welshpool EGCW and I’ve lost Gloucestershire EGBJ.  The flatten is still there and the runway signs are there, but everything is covered by a layer of grass, and the tower has gone.  Maybe during the flight from EGCW to EGBJ (32 mins) there was a disaster.  Maybe a tidal wave.

Now while most problems can be overcome there are a few that cannot.  I’ve got one of those on the JF DC-3.   It will not take off without FSX crashing.  It’ll fly fine, but not take off.  This causes a problem for me.   I’m not gonna cheat and take off in another aircraft.  Well, maybe once,  but not constantly.

It’s not just my FSX either.  I’ve heard similar problems.  So I’m stuck at Tabora, Tanzania with an aircraft that I cannot fly.  It’s a bugger.    I did fly around Kilimanjaro with a friend in the Carenado Piper Saratoga.  The add on scenery we found from Flightsim makes the area very good. 38m resolution.

Tabora is within about 1 hour of Kilimanjaro and I view this mountain as my second big step.  the Rift valley lakes (Malawi) in particular being the most interesting for me.

So,  I’m stumped.  Suggestions on a postcard to

The Crazy bloke with a un-flyable DC-3




Myself, Norm, the co-pilot and Eric the engineer turned up at the ‘runway’ (flat mud in my opinion).  Eric’s first words before we got within 40feet of the bird were “We are not flying out today”.  I pressed him for a reason.  He started speaking a foreign language.  Something about crankcases and broken blocks.   Of course I hold him directly responsible.  My parting words as I left for the hotel were “Fix it, or leave”.  Yes, I know my man management skills are stunning huh? 🙂  I shall return later on to enthuse him with more words of wisdom.  Norm and the Co-pilot stayed to help Eric by pointing at things and asking “it is supposed to be like that”

Quite frankly I’m angry.  The aircraft should be ready to go at the drop of a hat.  And I don’t want to hear any more justifications that it’s a 50 year old aircraft.  You cannot tell me they were designed this poorly.   And if anyone suggests that it’s my ‘mis-handling’ that’s caused it, I will scream!


Burning Fuel = forward motion

Go and search the interwaits for “How much fuel can a DC-3 carry”  or a similar search and you’ll get as many answers as you can be bothered to read.  You get even more answers if you search for “DC-3 Range”.

It’s worth noting that there are more versions of the DC-3 then almost all other aircraft.

General concensus averages 1500NM.  The Just flight DC-3 carrys 4800lbs usable.  = 797.34 gallons of avgas.

Flying a few test flights by the numbers (as all good DC-3 pilots do) gives a range of  1246nm.  Assuming the Gallons per hour below :

Stock JF DC-3
4800lbs of AvGas = 797Gallons
Warm up and stuff = 10 gallons.
Takeoff 320GPH for 2 mins. = 10.6 Gallons
Initial Climb = 255gph for 5 mins = 21.25 Gallons.
Normal Climb = 120gph for 30 mins = 65 Gallons.
Cruise = 100gph for 6:40 =675 gph.
Approx total Fuel Used = 771.25 by my reconong, but 797 actually used.
797 Gallons Give a range of 1246 with a scalar of 1.19 (original) = 1.56 Miles per Gallon.

the numbers above are accurate enough (within 2%), but not accurate to a real DC-3. That would burn 90 in a normal cruise. And generally 10% Less for each cycle of the flight.

To be able to increase the range I took a 2 pronged approach. From spending some time in Excel I’ve summised that the FSX DC-3 burn around 10% more fuel then the should as per the real aircraft. It’s worth noting that differant RW aircraft will burn slightly less or more per hour, but the 10% is worked out from an average the RW pilots give.

To bring the FSX DC-3’s into line I’ve increased the available fuel from from 4800lbs to a more accurate (aircraft version dependant)

Modified DC-3 (just flight DC-3 with Fuel scalar and fuel amounts changed)

Total = 6000lbs fuel = 996.7 Gallons
996 Gallons give approx 1557 with scalar of 1.19 (Originial Scalar) = 1.56 Miles per Gallon.
996 Gallons give approx 1611 with scalar of 1.15 = 1.66 Miles Per gallon.

This may need looking at again,  but it seems good for a start.

Eric returned to the hunting lodge we have retired to smelling of paint thinners and looking smug.   I asked him to look at the fuel usage as I think it’s too high per hour.  He mentioned that 50year old engines are not going to burn what the book says.   Since the engines were rebuilt by the company he used to work for I suggested it was in his interest to consider my request.

There is an opinion that I’m working Eric too hard,  espically when we take his age into account.   In response he can rest when we are in the air..