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Re-starting the RTW Tour :

After issues and repairs to PC’s etc,  I’m taking some time out to enjoy my self with the CIX VFR Club by flying their Christmas Caper around The Bahamas.

It’s really enjoyable.  The scenery from flightsim.com titled Caribbean Seaplane Tours is really top notch.

I seem to be getting crosswinds from 040 – 060 @ 16-20 kts,  and as many runway’s are east/west it makes for some interesting flying, but that’s half the fun..     I’m trying not to be the last to to finish,  but some people are on the way back to the US mainland while I’m only about 1/4 of the way around.

No matter though, I’m doing it for the fun.


Anyway, onto the reason for the post.

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat yada yada, you know the drill.   What with Christmas commitments I’m probabally not gonna start flying the RTW trip until the new year.  That way I can enjoy what I’m doing now with out rushing around the place.

Watch this space.


CIX VFR Club’s Christmas Caper 2011

Well,   it’s in full swing.  We’re having a tour around the Bahamas for our christmas jaunt.    And really enjoyable it is as well.   Apart from the corsswinds I’m getting all the time, but they can be fun.

Here’s a link to the event :

And a few pictures that I’ve taken.  Ohh,  I ended up renting a Caravan (executive fittout) C6-SBI.  Watch for me on Vatsim.  If I’m flying,  keep away 🙂

The truth about RMI Needles.

You may remember my issues with the VOR needle not working.   Well, thanks to the members of the CIX VFR Club,  I’ve been corrected.

The gauge and radio panels

The problem I has was that the gauge when in VOR tracking mode pointed in a seemingly random direction.  Where as the ADF pointed at the NDB station as expected.  It was pointed out to me that the RMI when tracking VOR’s points at the direction the aircraft needs to fly to fly towards the VOR.

To summarise :

The needle when set to ADF mode points towards the NDB relative to the aircraft.

The needle when set to VOR mode points towards the VOR relative to magnetic north.

Kinda embarrassing, but it’s illogical.  Depending on VOR or NDB tracking the needle acts in different ways.

Ohh, well we live and learn 🙂