Leg 7

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FWUU – Mzuzu to FWCT – Chitipa. T/O: 11:22 local. Landing : 12:28.

Weather neglible. Winds Nill.

Flying from Mzuzu back out to Lake Malawi and north almost to the northern tip of The Lake to Lupembe then Westerly to Chitipa.

The flight was very good.  Norm the Nav planned things well and I flew the course perfectly.  As usual.  We did start the descent a little too late and due to the light load on board we didn’t descent as quickly as we though.  This resulted in us being too fast on the thresh hold (120kts) and a little to high.

Things would have gone well, but the runway was short, so a go-around was required.  My first of the tour.

I’m still getting used to the obvious ground speed increase when at altitude.  I don’t think this helped.

Turning back to finals after the go around resulted in us loosing the runway (DC-3’s are not great for visibility) and turning not just 180 degrees back onto the runway heading, but 540 degrees.  This resulted in a low and slow configuration.  Not good.  Low and slow can result in a unintentional landing.

As per usual my perfect flying and experience resulted in me realizing the potential for a problem and correcting before it became dangerous.

After landing my Co-pilot made straight for the bar looking a little wide eyed.  I guess he was stunned by my flying.   Eric complained about stress to the airframe, and a DC-3 not being a fighter.

We’ve burnt just over 1 ton of Avgas. Adding to the shortage of oil in the word.

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