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Legs – Something to a few more

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

From dodoma to  Bole International (HAAB) Addis Ababa in Ethopia.

Sorry for the lack of flight reports.  Many reasona why, a few are even good enough.

The last report was me cleaning out and getting a Cessna Caravan ready for it’s first flight in 6 months.   Well we made out of Kilimatinde (HTKT) to Dodoma.  I then Stopped at The likes of Dar Es Sallam, Zanzibar, finally to Kilimanjaro thru Kenya and into Addis Ababa in Ethopia.

I’d be lying is I said I’m gonna write up the flights.  I did have every intention to do so at the time, but I cannot remember what I did last week, let alone last month.

I will sort myself out and blog better!!


CIX VFR Club’s Christmas Caper 2011

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Well,   it’s in full swing.  We’re having a tour around the Bahamas for our christmas jaunt.    And really enjoyable it is as well.   Apart from the corsswinds I’m getting all the time, but they can be fun.

Here’s a link to the event :

And a few pictures that I’ve taken.  Ohh,  I ended up renting a Caravan (executive fittout) C6-SBI.  Watch for me on Vatsim.  If I’m flying,  keep away 🙂

If anyone’s interested.

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Apart from enjoying the sun and making stuff (See below) my pc’s blown up.

New parts ordered..   Waiting..

I’m also trying to think “What have  I forgotten”

Many ways to cross, but only one needed.

Monday, June 13th, 2011


While there are several ways across the Pacific from under 300nm (water) to over 6000nm there are several reasons for preferring one over the other.

My initial decision was to cross from Australia to Chile Via several small Islands Ranging from small to ‘not on the map’ size.

This resulted in a distance of 6400nm depending on what you call the start point. . The main problem being the longest leg was 1620nm.  My new chariot the Cessna Grand Caravan has an approximate max range around 1000nm with standard tanks.  The route is displayed below for you to look at.  It starts in Nadi in the Fiji Islands.  So the route is a little longer as I’d have to get there.  But that part of the route of easy.

I wanted to go that route so I could fly up through South and North America without it feeling like a big detour.


Leg 12. Alive and safe!

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Well, I’ve just made it to Kilimatinde (HTKT)  in a piper J-3 Cub.  Not the safest of aircraft but it beat 6 hours crossing crocodile infested waters.  At least that’s my inpression of the roads around here.   Not leaving the Hotel I wouldn’t know to be honest.

The reason for the flight in the J-3 was to go and look at a replacment for the DC-3.  I was told it was a Cessna Something.  All I could really make out was that it was “Big and noisy, with a propeller on the front.   That could be a C150 for all I knew.   But at the moment anything was better than the road.  Here is the only picture I got on the epic 80nm flight we made. it took 1:30 to do 80nm.  The only good thing was that it used shag all petrol.   I’m of the opinion that it leaked more then it burnt.



Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

While not ideal I have a fix.   It is ditch the DC-3 and get a new aircraft.   I have one in mind, but I won’t tell you until I’ve got to know it better.   IE does it work as advertised.

The buggers have deserted me.   I had a local come to me ‘with information’ but he insisted on payment, up front, for the info.  It turns out he saw Norm and the Co-pilot getting on a local commuter flight.  That info cost me $50.  And they were long gone.




Friday, May 20th, 2011

This DC-3 problem as we know is a show stopper.   I’m getting to the end of my tether.  I’m thinking of changing aircraft.   If I’m honest the DC-3 was annoying me.   There was so much aircraft managment that I was forgetting to look out of the window except for screen shots.

I’m considering my options.  I have several aircraft of a more modern  varity that would do the job with similar performance as the DC-3, but are rated for single pilot flying.  This means less micro managment.

I would continue with the DC-3, but I’m constantly having problems with it, and the newest one is the end of the line.

I’ll keep you posted.


Eric’s just told me that the DC-3 is scrap metal.  I had to take a gulp of my Pimms before I would talk to him.  He no longer works for me.  And he should have been grateful for the wages that I paid him.  Not that he did much..   So I’m stranded.  Norm and the Co-pilot have disapeared as well.    And the Hotel doesn’t supply the Times newspaper.   Can it get any worse?  I just hope the Pimms doesn’t run out.

But in the meantime

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

I’ve been painting a C172 for a friend from the CIX VFR CLUB.  Ach!  I just noticed I missed the red wing tips!

Leg 8

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

16:14 FWCT – Chitipa  to  17:04 FLBA – Mbala.

Weather Neglible.  28Degrees.

Flight time 50mins.

The flight was nice.  Pitty Mbala was in a dip, but that’s the problem with addon Scenery. No matter.  We are now on the southern edge of Lake Tanzania.  It’s part of the western side of the Rift Vally in Africa.  upto 6 miles deep.  Human’s have never been all that way down..

We had to spend a few days in Chitipa while Eric the Engineer did something to the aircraft.  Everytime I tried to talk to him he just growled and muttered something about “Pilots!”  It’s obviously complimentory, but he know’s I’m English to the core, and I get embarresed when people compliment my flying skills.   I don’t need complimenting.  I know how good I am.

Norm the Nav, and the Co-pilot (Must find out his name) have been bonding.  They’ve spend the few days with their heads together, and stop talking when I appear.   I’d assume they are planning something nice for me, but It’s not my birthday.

I was very happy with this landing.  Even Eric said it was good. “For you”.

I didn’t show you the paintwork that Eric organised.  I must one day tell him I like it.   I’ve ordered some graphics to be delivered enroute.  Not sure where yet.  I’m thinking at Suez.  That assumes that I don’t change my mind and go somewhere else.

JF DC-3 Modified paint.

Eric does some work!

I’m still deciding what to do with the Pacific crossing,  as you know it’s pushing the fuel envelope.  And Navigating is an issue.  I’ve been taking advice from the guys at and the feeling is split.  Some say use GPS, Some say don’t be bloody stupid.  Others are all for it and want to help navigate using a sextant.   I’m still not sure.   I’ll have a decision by Vietnam.    At this rate I’ll have a long time to decide?

I’m worried about the proposed pacific crossing.  On two points.  Norm the nav is not as good as a thought.  He had a problem with correct fueling, that he claims wasn’t his fault.  And we found a GPS reciever in his bag.  GPS is spawn of the devil!!  If GPS was that good why are their VOR’s and NDB’s around.   Every time I mention the Pacific crossing Norm goes pale and starts sweating.   Personally I don’t know what the problem is.  Just go East as fasr as I’m concerned.

Another problem is the fuel usage.  Eric the engineer says that the fuel burn at cruise is fine.  But it’s burning more then 90 gph per hour.  I’m the first person to admit that it’s an aricraft problem.  It’s certainly not me.  Eric thinks I should slow down by 10kts.  That’ll reduce the fuel per hour.  I don’t see the logic there.