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Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

As you can see my blog is somewhat modified. 9 extra widgets (the side panels) and 27 Plugins. While not all of them are active or seen by the average reader, that’s a lot of stuff that’s not tried and tested.

Well, I got bitten 10 minutes ago…

Many people will speak of backups being the most important and the first thing you should be doing. I agree. But I’m human. It’s hard to be disciplined unless you have someone standing over you with a wip.

Normally I let wordpress (the blog Software) automatically update the plugins as the authors often make small changes, and It’s very easy to keep up to date. Heck it’s almost automatic after you say “Update” and supply the FTP passwords.

I use BackUpWordPress from Human Made Limited. It’s simple and does the job every 24 hours by backing up the site for me.

This morning, I was doing some admin on the blog and allowed the Blog to auto update BackUpWordPress for me. This promptly hung and killed the blog.

I ended up with no posts and no access to any admin panel.

Bugger! Was a word I considered, but I thought it was not enough. So I started inventing words.

Ahh! I have backups!! 🙂 5 minutes later I’d downloaded the last backup, expanded the ZIP file and uploaded it back to the blog.

Thank’s to BackUpWordPress my Blog is back and working.. After the same plugin broke it.